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What is the most picturesque beach in Ibiza?

Are you visiting Ibiza soon and you don't have enough time to explore all the beaches in Ibiza? Here's what not to miss, from my humble opinion.

Nestled on the southwestern coast of Ibiza, lies a serene escape, Cala d'Hort.  This beach is not just a destination; it's an experience. The tranquil waters, and breathtaking views, makes it arguably the most picturesque beach in Ibiza.

Ibiza's picturesque beach: Cala d'hort

First impression of Cala d'Hort is a "pinch me" moment. What truly sets Cala d'Hort apart, however, is its stunning view of Es Vedrà, the mystical rock island that rises majestically from the sea a short distance from the shore. This view is not only mesmerising during the day but also offers one of the most magical sunset experiences in Ibiza.

Es Vedra sunset from Cala d'Hort Ibiza

When to go? July and August are the busiest months at Cala d'Hort, however if you do go early in the morning (and I mean very early), you might be able to get a parking space. The best time to visit Cala d'Hort is May, June and from October onwards for a much nicer experience.

Who goes to Cala d'Hort? Basically everyone and their grandmothers; it is a loved beach amongst tourist and locals alike.

Es Vedra seen from Cala d'Hort beach Ibiza

It's important to note that Cala d'Hort is part of a natural reserve, reflecting Ibiza's commitment to preserving its stunning landscapes and biodiversity. Visitors are encouraged to respect the environment, ensuring that this paradise remains pristine for generations to come.

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