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Ibiza's Best Beaches You Must Visit

Updated: Feb 22

For the last five-six years, Ibiza has been my go-to holiday destination. Even after living on the island, I'd still choose her over a new place. I cannot be the only one, can I?

Having said that, I now have a small list of beaches I want to go to every time I'm on the island which I consider Ibiza's best beaches:

Cala d'Hort, Es Vedra; Ibiza's best beaches

Want the best beach view in Ibiza? Nothing compares to the magical Es Vedra. I like to go on the right side of the beach, it's a pebble beach however the entrance to the water is sandy.

Cala d'hort, Es Vedra Print, biza's best beaches

Cala d'hort, Ibiza beach photography, Ibiza's best beaches

Cala Vadella; Ibiza's best beaches

Easily accessible and almost always clear-blue, still water. Cala Vadella is a favourite for many reasons: plenty of chiringuitos to choose from, perfect water for swimming and snorkelling, the rocky views and the long stretch of sand.

Cala Vadella Photography Print, Ibiza in Prints, biza's best beaches

Cala Vadella Ibiza, Ibiza Prints, Ibiza's best beaches

Cala Escondida; Ibiza's best beaches

One of the lesser-known beaches of Ibiza, Cala Escondida hides under the cliff as you walk towards Cala Conta. Grab snacks and drinks from Chiringuito Cala Escondida, or bring your own, and enjoy spectacular views. Love swimming here until the sunset. ***nudist beach***

Cala Escondida Ibiza Photography Prints, biza's best beaches

Cala Conta Ibiza, Ibiza Prints, Ibiza's best beaches

Cala Tarida (small beach); Ibiza's best beaches

Lastly but not least, I always go back to the area I used to live. This little beach used to be 5 minutes away from my home, I brought here every friend that visited to make them love it as much as I did. Great success. **a short walk from the main beach in Cala Tarida, be careful on the cliff**

Cala Tarida Ibiza Photography Prints, ibiza's best beaches

Cala Tarida Ibiza, Ibiza Prints, Ibiza's best beaches

What do you think are Ibiza's best beaches? Which ones do you keep coming back to? Tag me on instagram @ibizainprints



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