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Which side of Ibiza has the best beaches? Sant Josep de Sa Talaia

Updated: Feb 26

Ibiza has 210 km of beaches that can be enjoyed all year round, offering multiple possibilities to enjoy a swim.

Obviously, the "best beach" depends on your preferences. Once could prefer a rocky beach over a long stretch of sand, or maybe you prefer a beach with proximity to nigh life and amenities.

If it's your fist time travelling to Ibiza, I recommend trying to go to as many beaches as possible until you find the "type" of beach you like the most.

Now, which side of Ibiza has the best beaches?

From my experience and preference, here is a list of top best beaches in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza:

  • Cala Bassa: one of the most beautiful beaches on the island due to its clearest clear water and fine sandy beach. And to top it up, here you will find one of the best beach club in Ibiza, Cala Bassa Beach Club. Type of beach: natural, fine sand.

  • Cala Comte: a collection of several small coves located on a natural environment of extraordinary beauty. Type of beach: fine, tanned sand with rocky platforms.

  • Cala Carbo: less popular amongst tourist, is a small cove surrounded by pine trees with two great restaurants available. Type of beach: white sand, cobbles as you enter the water (recommended to bring shoes).

  • Cala Tarida Beach: a large beach with several small coves, very touristy beach with plenty of restaurants and bars. Type of beach: fine white sand, great for families.

  • Cala d'Hort: an unforgettable beach, facing the magical Es Vedra and with multiple restaurant options on the beach. Stay here for a wonderful sunset. Type of beach: crystal clear water, white sand, cobbles to the right end of the beach.

  • Cala Vadella: a natural swimming pool with crystal clear waters and many restaurants available. Type of beach: fine sand

A small selection of best beaches in Ibiza with crystal clear water and fine golden sand. Will come back with other parts of the island.

Lots of love,


*all photos are mine



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