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Ibiza's 5 small beaches you will fall in love with

Updated: Mar 27

Ibiza might be known for all the big parties and barefoot bohemia, however this tiny island has a lot more to discover.

Here’s some of my favourite Ibiza white-sand beaches, sometimes well hidden.

Cala Saladeta; Ibiza's 5 small beaches

Located in Sant Antoni, it’s one of the most beautiful in the area and can be much-loved during pick summer months.

All you need is sun lotion and some cash for your mojito and local empanada served on the beach.

P.S. It's a hike.

Cala Gracioneta

One of Ibiza's 5 small beaches, Cala Gracioneta is located as well within the Sant Antoni area, a hidden gem surrounded by rocky landscape and golden fine sand.

Chiringuito Cala Gracioneta is a good option for some divine paella

Fisherman´s boathouse close to Cala Tarida part one

I know how this might sound, but hear me out. This little sandy bay is perfect and not known to so many people.

Fisherman´s boathouse close to Cala Tarida part two

This little one is a bit further to the right of Cala Tarida, modest sandy beach hidden in a small bay and perfect if you prefer tranquility. Bring your own food and drinks as there is no source around.

Don’t tell, but it’s my favourite

Cala Olivera

Lastly but not least, Cala Olivera is one of Ibiza's small beaches you will love. Found this one recently and it was random. It’s a truly hidden gem as in order to get there you need a car and walk for bit on an unpaved country road until you find your paradise.

And if you are not packing your bags yet, here’s a bit more to convince you 🤍



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