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Ibiza's best sunset spot - at this very moment

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Ibiza is known for the gorgeous sunsets all year round, however summer sunsets have a bit of extra magic - the feel good vibe brought by people around the world.

Best sunset spot in Ibiza - Es Vedra
Es Vedra

As of last week with the UK announcement of putting Ibiza on the green list (watchlist), the island has 2019 vibes (before the P word).

Busy beaches, fully-booked restaurants and people all over the island on the hunt for a hidden gem.

One of the sunset hot spot right now is at Torre des Savinar (Es Vedra). Not known by every tourist, you have to be shown this place by a local or hear about it (thank me later)

Ibiza's sunset hot spot
Sunset at Es Vedra

This magical view point overlooking the legendary rock is few minutes drive from Cala d'Hort and a short hike. The atmosphere is priceless, sunset lovers patiently waiting for the show while cold mojitos are being prepared.

Can you think of a better mix?

If you do travel to Ibiza this summer, make sure it's checked on your list.

See you soon, xx



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