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What is Cala Tarida Beach in Ibiza like?

You asked, I'll answer.

Cala Tarida is one of the best beaches in Ibiza, known for it's crystal clear water, plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from and life guard on duty (essential if you are travelling with kids, or to be aware of jellyfish movement).

the long stretch of sandy beach of Cala Tarida Ibiza
Cala Tarida Beach from Above

Cala Tarida is a long stretch of sandy beach, separated into North and South each with its own little hidden gem. The small beach to the south of Cala Tarida requires a little bit of walking from the main beach (or swimming if you'd like), but it pays off.

The vibe here is: rocky beach & fisherman's huts, no amenities here just pure paradise. Check it for yourself✨

Rocky beach with crystal clear Mediterranean Sea Ibiza
Ibiza's Hidden Gem

Ibiza fishermans huts beach

Isn't this a dream? Those 5 minutes going back up the cliff at the end of a beach day is a bit of a killer, don't say I didn't warn you.

On the other side, Es Calonet is mainly rock and likewise surrounded by Fisherman's huts. Here locals gather to have lunch at the beach, a quick swim and plenty of "networking".

Because Es Calonet is closer to the main road and the local community, it's easy to get busy so it's recommended to go early in the morning.

Ibiza couple sunbathing at  rocky beach Es CAlonet
Es Calonet, Cala Tarida

turquoise water at Ibiza beach
Es Calonet, Cala Tarida

It's easy to spend the whole day in Cala Tarida, you can start the day at the main beach, have breakfast and enjoy the slow living, and move to one of the smaller beaches later in the day. Come back for sunset at Cotton Beach Club and enjoy delicious food and dreamy views of the sun setting.

Are you planning to visit Ibiza this summer? Drop me a message if you have any questions about Cala Tarida or anything Ibiza beaches related.





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