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7 best things to do in Ibiza

Updated: Mar 27

The highlights of Ibiza are rooted in the island's breathtaking natural landscapes, featuring windswept beaches, secluded coves, rugged red cliffs, and dense pine forests.

Beyond the coastal allure, explore charming villages and town squares that define the distinctive character of this Balearic Island, each offering a unique atmosphere complemented by local cafes, restaurants, and shops.

View of Ibiza Old Town from The Standard Hotel Ibiza

Visit Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila, meaning "Upper Town" in Catalan, is the historic heart of Ibiza Town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perched on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Dalt Vila is surrounded by imposing Renaissance walls built in the 16th century to defend against pirate attacks. This enchanting quarter is a labyrinth of cobblestone streets, charming squares, and historic landmarks. Here you can explore the majestic Ibiza Cathedral, built on the site of an ancient mosque, and enjoy panoramic views from the fortified bastions. The area is dotted with museums, art galleries, and boutiques, creating a captivating blend of history and contemporary culture. Dalt Vila is not only a treasure trove of architectural wonders but also a vibrant hub where the island's rich past and modern allure seamlessly converge.

Visit the the villages

Each village has its own character, one of the most popular villages of Ibiza is Santa Gertrudis. This little village is very lovely any time of the year, with bohemian shops and local tapas restaurants perfect for locals and tourists alike.

Eat like a local

One of my favourite things about Ibiza is that you can find good food ANYWHERE, the fresh fish, grilled calamari and prawns, fresh veggies and a cold drink. That's my heaven!

Two of my highly recommend places to go eat in Ibiza are:

Es Gerret: discovered this place back in 2019 and ate there so many times, I know the menu by heart. They have the best tuna tartare, fried fish, garlic prawns and a pistachio dessert that I can't take my mind of it. Hungry yet?

Go for hikes

If you love hikes, Ibiza is the perfect place for you. Hundreds of beaches to choose from and hundreds of hiking routes to choose from.

Sa Talaia is one of the most popular hiking route, accessible and gorgeous views from the top. It is the highest mountain on the island at only 475 meters high.

Another hiking route that I love is in Es Cubells, going to Cala Llentrisca. Tucked away from the more bustling tourist spots, this secluded cove captivates visitors with its clear turquoise waters, soft sandy shores, and the surrounding lush greenery. The beach is surrounded by rugged cliffs, creating a secluded and serene atmosphere.

Go to Cala Escondida for the beach and stay for sunset cocktails at the Chiringuito

Ibiza is all about spending the day in the sun, feeling the fine sand in between your toes, swimming in the clearest water and dreaming of living an island life for eternity. And to top it all, cold cocktails and delicious snacks at the cute bar next to the beach.

I could spend every day here.

Rent a boat and explore the island

Ibiza is best visited by foot and second to that, by boat. Rent a boat and go around Es Vedra, Cap Falco and swim in the clearest water with the best views.

Not to mention the best sunset views:

You can't visit Ibiza and don't do a day trip to Formentera. Get a ferry ticket or rent a boat for the day and enjoy the most beautiful beaches, rustic landscapes and the clearest water in Europe.

Rent a bicycle and explore this little island, visit the small shops, make a picnic at the beach and enjoy the views.

Do you need help planning your next trip to Ibiza?

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