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The most instagrammable beaches in Ibiza

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I know, you think you've heard it all by now but be prepared to be amazed. Ibiza has been my home now for about two gorgeous years and I can say I love it more day by day.

Let me transport you to a summer on the Mediterranean

Cala Tarida is a very popular place, however not many are aware of the two hidden beaches around it and recently they seem to attract more and more attention.

And you can understand why (picture it: hot summer day, crystal-clear water, just you and your friends, cold drinks in your hand). Good enough?

Another Instagram hot spot: Cala d'en Serra

This secluded spot is situated in the north of the island and requires a bit of a hike unless you are willing to drive on an unpaved, country road. Worth's the pain.

You must have seen at least once an Instagram post about sunsets at Cala Comte (Cala Conta) and it looks pretty much as above every single summer night.

Now tell me this isn't a great insta opportunity.

Ibiza's most instagrammable beach
Es Vedra Ibiza

You know her, at least heard stories. Isn't she perfect? Es Vedra for beginners

Perfect from any angle, at all times. Find her at Cala d'Hort

Ok, one beach more

Yes, again Cala Tarida. But isn't it such a great place?

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